Following on from our previous historical chapter (which can be read here), we pick up our story in 1888 at Woodside House in Whetstone!

Baxendale House rules at Woodside HouseThe “Home” settled into its new home in North London, grateful for the Estate that Joseph Baxendale had nurtured and grown.

Woodside House was now home to 53 residents and was divided into three distinct areas.  They were “The Upper House”, “The Lower House” and “The Cubicles”.  The Upper House was designated for residents who could pay the 1888 annual fee of £40 to £60.  The Lower House was more affordable for many residents, at £28 per annum.  The Cubicles were available at the same cost.  The staff lived in the House and the Maids were very young, some aged only sixteen.

Woodside housed the “Home for the Aged and Incurable” into the 20th Century, through two World Wars and into the 1960s.  Throughout that time, records were kept by hand in Minute Books, which still exist today.  They reveal fascinating details about the Home and the changing times it experienced.