Since visitors are currently not able to visit Baxendale Care Home, we try to share as much of what is going on with you via our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Our residents have developed a love of baking and are improving their skills with each cookery challenge that we set them.  We started with some basic recipes but have moved onto more complex ones.  It is a pleasure to cook and then be able to treat themselves and the other residents to tasty pastries, cupcakes, banana bread and cookies.

Meanwhile in our arts and craft sessions, we’ve been making salt dough decorations.

Another popular activity is the knitting club which is gathering momentum and more members.

We are finding that our newspaper discussions are very popular too.  Residents like to keep up-to-date with recent news and share this information and views with each other.  Also during our technology sessions we have been telephoning our residents families to keep in touch.

Our quiz and games keep spirits high.  We held a quiz called “Different Superstitions” and also had a game of “The Price is Right”.