Back in May when we were celebrating the Royal Baby, we ended up with baby news ourselves!

We rescued a baby gosling! It was captured and taken home by a very naughty neighbouring cat. The neighbour brought it in to us in a washing up bowl looking very dishevelled and squealing for its Mother. Instead of letting it free onto the lake, we took it to the bankside in the hope its Mother would hear its cries. Which she did and they were soon reunited! We’ve named him Prince!

The Baxendale geese family know their way around the grounds of our care home.  We often pull up to work in the car park with the Baxendale geese and goslings waiting to greet you.

Prince Baxendale Geese

They walk from the front of the home though the car park and back around to the lake!  Amazing how they know where to go and do not take the wrong turn on to the high road!  We are pleased to see little Prince is back enjoying life with his family. All the goslings are growing very quickly and we hope to see the around for a long time.