We asked our residents for advice that they wished to share with the  younger generation.  We think there are some real nuggets of wisdom here.

Mr B says

Don’t take life too seriously!

On money matters

You shouldn’t get too many hand outs. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet

Mrs F says on money matters

If any of her friends’ children got into money trouble, she’d help them out once

Mr D says on money matters

He would like to know how they got themselves into debt and would then work out a plan how to get back in the black

Advice on relationships
We asked what if your partner was cheating on you. Would you stay with him or her because of the children?
Some replied that they would try and sort it out

and Mr T says

There’s plenty more fish in the sea

Career Advice
We asked if a young person sought advice on careers, what should they do?
Our residents said to try and choose something, something that you love. Some careers mean that you can go and volunteer for and see if that’s what you would like to do. It all depends on the individual person.

As an older person, what would your advice be to the younger generation?