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Baxendale Care Home
Baxendale, Whetstone,
London N20 0EH


020 8445 1127



How many staff do you have on duty?
During the day there are ten dedicated care staff on duty, including a Team Leader. During the night this is reduced to five care staff. Care staff are also supported by four catering staff, five domestic staff and one laundry assistant.

What furniture can I bring with me?
Although your safety and care is our paramount concern, we want you to feel as ‘at home’ as possible at Baxendale. We will do our best to accommodate any items you want to bring with you, but they do have to be small items. However, you are welcome to bring as many pictures as you can fit onto the walls.

Can you cope with special diets?
Special diets are supplied to several of our residents. Some are diabetic and others need a low fat diet, or other nutritional considerations. We always respect a resident’s preference and we ensure there is always a good choice of food available. Although we don’t specialise in religious dietary requirements, we do our best to cater for all needs.

What are the visiting times at Baxendale?
We are open to visits from your family and friends at any time. However, we suggest they avoid the lunch period unless you’ve made a prior arrangement for them to join you then. You are also free to go out with your visitors but we will need you to let us know that you’re going out and when you expect to be back.

Will I have to leave Baxendale if my health deteriorates?
It is rare for a long term resident to have to leave us. It only happens if long term specialist nursing care is needed. If you require hospital care, we will arrange that for you. On your return, a District Nurse can attend to any short term nursing needs. We are also trained to take care of those suffering from Dementia, at a specialised facility within Baxendale itself.

I am self funded. What happens if my money runs out?
Our intention is never to ask a resident to leave for financial reasons and we deal with all individual situations sensitively. Initially we will review the financial position and request that a close relative, or friend, meets any deficit. However, when your resources fall below £23,000, you should be entitled to support from your local authority, although a third party contribution may still be needed to pay our full fees. If the local authority won’t assist you, or a third party contribution isn’t possible, we do have access to our charitable fund in order to help meet your costs.