In April, we had our guest speaker Lorraine who is a beekeeper.

She gave us lots of information about the different types of bees around and all the hard work they have to do to produce the honey that we eat.

She also bought a hive with her to show us and talked through how she sets the hive up and the different compartments for the thousands of bees that would live in there. Did you know that there are almost 70,000 bees in one hive? Amazing!

She also showed us her beekeepers outfit which she wore. She also explained the different tools needed for a beekeeper including a smoking tool which she uses to smoke the bees out before opening the hive. This makes the bees think that there is a fire in the hive, so they fly to eat the honey they have produced and then their stomachs get swollen which makes it hard for them to sting the keepers while checking the hive!

All very interesting, and the residents really enjoyed learning about the bees.

Here are some photos of the talk: