In late January Baxendale staff team leader Robin talked to the residents about his life and career at Baxendale. 

Robin started by telling the residents about where he is from –  Mauritius – and the difference in the way people live there compared to England. He spoke about the culture of his beautiful land and also the difference in Mauritian weddings and Christmas there. He spoke of Diwali which is the Festival of Light that people celebrate all over the world for days at a time. 

He also told of his adventure of coming to England on his own in his twenties and starting his career in care as some of his family who have care homes in England. He made his way up from carer to senior carer and then he came to Baxendale Care Home seven years ago to be our Team Leader. 

Robin spoke of how he loves his job, how everyday is different, and how it makes him happy to help others. The Residents all loved his speech and enjoyed learning of their Team Leader’s life. 

Many thanks to Robin.