About Baxendale Care Home in North London

Activity in Tranquility

Resident care, activity and friendship go together beautifully at Baxendale. Our purpose built home opened on our present site in 1963, but our tradition of care goes back to 1861 and the original Baxendale Home, now the site of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Within Baxendale you’ll find modern facilities: light airy rooms, dedicated, caring staff and happy, active residents. Our facilities include a five star rated kitchen, 24 hour-a-day care and a full programme of activities. Our home contains several spacious lounges and a bright dining room looking out across a shimmering lake.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who monitor and inspect care homes to ensure they meet high standards.

As a non-profit making Charitable Trust, our Trustees ensure that all income is used for the benefit of our current – and future – residents. This enables us to keep our charges to the minimum.

Fees depend on the level of support and care required by a resident. Our standard fee for financially independent residents is £872 per week for a standard room and £943 per week for a room with an en suite. Special discounts are negotiated with local authorities and top up fees are possible. Fees can also be whole or part settled by insurance plans. Respite care is provided at £133 per day.

Whether you’re interested in residential status, a short term stay or respite care, walk through our door, take a look around and you’ll begin to understand why our residents say “I’m home”.

How we care

Baxendale is open to all elderly people of any background, faith, gender or personal circumstances. However, our Charitable Trust does require us to give preference, at selection, to women. We calculate our fees to cover our running costs, as we are a non-profit making charity.

We have 55 rooms, with up to 15 available for those requiring financial support from their local authority. Those rooms are available at a much reduced rate, which we negotiate with the relevant local authority, based on the care required by the applicant.

In all cases, a pre-admission assessment is carried out. This is to assess the level of care required, how fees can be met and if a financial top-up is possible. Where a top-up isn’t possible, residents will be accepted based on the care they need and the local authority rate will be applied. In the case of a local authority refusing support, we do maintain a Designated Fund that can provide a grant to cover a resident’s fees.

Guest days are provided at no cost. Respite care is available at basic cost.

Residents personal circumstances and finances may change, but we are proud of the fact that we have never asked a resident to leave Baxendale because of their inability to pay our fees.

From 1 April 2021 Baxendale Care Home operates as a CIO with a registered number 1186304.