Minute Books are hand-written records that reveal fascinating details about our care home from 1890 onwards.  Here are some revelations:

  1. The bank balance in 1890 was £145
  2. Annual salaries in 1890 totalled £150
  3. In September 1890 Woodside (Baxendale’s former name) housed 46 residents
  4. The first Garden Party was held on the grounds in June 1889
  5. In September 1889 there were 45 residents in Woodside House
  6. In September 1889 there were the following staff in employment: two nurses (£18 per annum); four “young nurses” (£13 pa); Cook (£18 pa); Kitchen Maid (£8 pa); Housemaid (£18 pa); Night Nurse (£18 pa); two Stevensons (£40 pa); one “girl during the holidays” (£8)
  7. On March 8th 1918 an enemy bomb landed just over boundary, causing extensive damage to all the windows on the garden side of the House (luckily no-one in the House was hurt)
  8. At the end of 1921, Woodside House was full with 53 residents – 18 in the Upper House (single rooms), 20 in the Lower House and 17 in the Cubicles