Music in Hospitals and CareIn December we were visited by many wonderful entertainers.  We managed to take a few photographs of the two most recent concerts.

We had a pianist and singer visit from Music in Hospitals & Care who bring live music sessions to people receiving treatment or care in healthcare settings throughout the UK.  Music in Hospitals and Care believe that live music can establish emotional connections and evoke memories.  Thanks to Everest who sponsored our visit: Natalie and Margaret sang Christmas songs, and other favourites like “A Long way to Tipperary”.

Music in hospitals and careMusic in Hospitals concert

Later that week we were then entertained by one of our resident’s talented relatives (daughter and son-in-law). Anette played the piano whilst Felix was on the cello. Felix is also a professor on the Royal Academy of Music!  Again we’d like to thank them for taking time to come and entertain us.

Felix cello BaxendaleAnette piano Baxendale