The Mayhew Animal CentreWe are very lucky to have Gill and Bria visit us from The Mayhew Animal Home every couple of weeks.  Gill has been working with Bria for 7 years, as part of TheraPaws, the Mayhew’s animal therapy programme.

The residents are very happy to see Bria, as they have a little play with her and a chat with Gill.

The Mayhew Animal Home recognise the benefits of taking animals into care homes as it promotes emotional and physical wellbeing.

Bria is 10 years old and has been specially trained and assists in:

    • Social interaction and companionship
    • Emotional and physical well-being through stress reduction and affection
    • Unlocking memories and emotions for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s
    • Building relationships between our volunteers and the residents

A big thank you to TheraPaws for being part of our activities programme.

TheraPaws animal therapy Gill and Bria Therapaws